The GrEEK Campus response to Covid-19
The GrEEK Campus response to Covid-19


We at The GrEEK Campus have been monitoring the unfolding situation over the past couple of weeks since the outbreak of COVID-19, and in light of the developments regarding the Coronavirus in Egypt; we would like to assure you that our #1 priority is the health and safety of our members, as well as the business continuity of our operations.

Yet, in light of the global development of COVID-19, declaring it a pandemic by WHO, and the Egyptian government’s decision to stop schools for two weeks and cancel all public gatherings and events; we have decided to take more actions effective immediately:

  • Postponing all large-scale events, effective Monday the 9th of March. All small-scale gatherings and meetings are postponed as well starting today the 16th of March.
  • Closing The GrEEK MOVE Gym starting today the 16th of March, and until further notice. All the current memberships will be extended for the closure period after the Gym is reopened.
  • Sanitizing the automated gates, bathrooms, elevators and door handles every 2 hours -effective yesterday the 15th of March.
  • Intense cleaning of all the corridors and open areas on campus 2-3 times per day to maintain the hygiene of our workplace.
  • Closing all The GrEEK Campus gates, except for the Main (Tahrir) Gate, where 2 Infrared Thermometers will be available 24/7, starting the 17th March. In case we find out anyone has a fever (with temperature over 37.3 Degrees Celsius), we’ll regrettable have to deny his entrance for the safety of our members.
  • Providing on-demand sanitizing service for our members’ offices. (Find the steps below.)

Additionally, we recommend that our member companies take the following measures, aligning with the global trends:

  • Encourage work from home, especially for parents. We at The GrEEK Campus maintain a lower number of employees inside our office on a day to day basis, to apply the needed social space among employees.
  • Report directly if an employee is not feeling well and inform The GrEEK Campus team immediately. And it’s highly recommended to take precautionary measures for employees who have travelled abroad recently or came in contact with someone who did.
  • Utilize the online communication tools and services to facilitate the flow of work, and change the majority of job interviews to virtual interviews rather than in-person interviews.
  • Encourage workplace hygiene and sanitization. (You may request our help using the steps mentioned below).
  • Suspend meetings with external visitors on Campus, as issuing passes through our portal will be suspended starting tomorrow the 17th of March. Essential meetings must be conducted outside the campus, and kindly make sure that the meetings are conducted in a well-ventilated area or using online tools.
  • Require external vendors (such as food delivery and courier service) to hand goods at the Main Gate outside our community, as they won’t be allowed to enter campus.
  • Instruct employees to take their laptops and belongings home daily in case we had to implement a full closure of our campus.

To request the sanitization service for your office, follow the steps below:

  1. Open our portal.
  2. Sign in with your username.
  3. Navigate to Workspaces on the top bar.
  4. Select Manage Workspace.
  5. Click on [Submit a Ticket].
  6. Fill in the required info and select [Cleaning Services] from the category list.
  7. Click on [Sanitize my office] from the sub-category. 

Rest assured that we will be monitoring and reviewing the situation daily, and we’ll make sure to adapt continuously to the developments in the country. You may as well contact us with any inquiries or ideas you might have, and we’ll make sure to take the best decision for you, your family, and the business:

  • TGC Community Team: 01090003680
  • TGC Events/Sales Team: 01033350045
  • TGC Technical Support Team: 01002492337
  • TGC Security/Facility Team: 01090003701

 Thank you all for your commitment and resilience in this time of many uncertainties and difficulties.