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Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo


171 Tahrir Street, Downtown, Cairo - Egypt

The GrEEK Campus is Egypt’s first-ever heritage-driven technology hub.
Since opening our doors in 2014, we went on to become the fastest-growing community of startups domestically and regionally. Our ecosystem has shaped the tech industry in the entire MENA region.
Today, our unique mix of over 160 startups, incubators, VCs and accelerators -across various industries- has encouraged all our members to move forward and write their own stories.

Packages & Memberships

The GrEEK Campus workspaces are designed to suit all business sizes, from the Startup Space that accommodates 2 people to the Deluxe Workspace that accommodates up to 350 people, and everything in between.
Our main campus in the heart of Downtown Cairo is made up of five office buildings and ample outdoor spaces and rooftops with stunning views on a total space of 25,000 sqm.

Startup Space
10 sqm to 50 sqm
Teams of: 2 - 12 persons
Starting from 350 EGP/sqm
GrEEK Studio
50 sqm to 100 sqm
Teams of: 12 - 25 persons
Starting from 350 EGP/sqm
GrEEK Suite
100 sqm to 500 sqm
Teams of: 25 - 125 persons
Starting from 350 EGP/sqm
GrEEK Office
500 sqm to 1000 sqm
Teams of: 125 - 250 persons
Starting from 350 EGP/sqm
Deluxe Workspace
1000 sqm to 1500 sqm
Teams of: 250 - 380 persons
Starting from 350 EGP/sqm


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Entrepreneurial Programs
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Unique Communal Areas
Data Infrastructure Network
Fast Speed Internet
On-site Community & Operations Staff
Front-desk Service
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Turn-key Offices
24/7 Automated Access Control
Daily Cleaning

on Site.

Follow in the footsteps of international brands that shot their regional ads on campus. Or simply find an authentic setting on campus for your next series, documentary or film. Check out some of the footage and book your spot on our schedule.


بتقولها إزاي؟

Agency: Magic Beans

Banque du Caire

فرص بلا حدود

Agency: ASAP Productions


Control Tazbeet

Agency: ASAP Productions


KFC Burger - KSA

Agency: Film Clinic

لا تُطفئ الشمس

Episode 4

Agency: Beelink Productions


إغلط بسرعة



The Journey

Agency: The Stories Company

United Nations

بداية بكره






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اللي أوله بريف أخره اعلان
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Host an Event at Downtown Cairo

You don’t have to be a member to host your event in the heart of Downtown Cairo. With over 16 event spaces and meeting rooms, our downtown campus hosts a range of events, from technology seminars, conferences and product launches to open art exhibitions and music concerts. Host your event at The GrEEK Campus and enjoy our wide array of perks.

Schedule a visit and get a FREE consultation from our professional community team.